Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Was für eine Update ist das?!

...(That was German, by the way)

So, time for an update, I suppose.

I just graduated high school. Wicked awesome! Now I get to go to... high school... again...
BUT this time in Estonia! Equally wicked awesome.

So the countdown continues. About a month and a half until I leave (August 6th).
My itinerary is as follows:

Fly out of Logan (Boston) on Saturday evening then catch a connecting flight in Frankfurt, Germany to Helsinki, Finland on Sunday, August 7th.
At that point, I'll be bussed to Karkku, Finland, where the week-long language camp will be. I'm not sure what to expect at said camp, though I've heard mention of "saunas" and "pine trees".

I'm very excited to actually meet all of the other exchange students. I know of at least three others going to Estonia (one in Tartu, with me :D), but most people will be staying in Finland.

After the camp, I'll take a ferry across the Baltic from Helsinki to Tallinn, where my host family will pick me up.

I've also learned of a few trips that will be available to me...
One will be in the Lapland of Finland, another to St. Petersburg, Russia, and a third: EUROTOUR.

Now I just need to focus on:
a. emptying my room
b. learning more Estonian
c. enjoying my post-high school summer break