Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eesti keel...

A couple of months ago I enrolled myself in an online Estonian class.

At the time, I figured that, you know, I should probably start learning some Estonian before I leave late this summer. And the course is taught through Tartu University, so I thought it would be perfect--I could actually go to the University for the final test while I'm in Tartu!

I also have a book that I've been learning from, and it has helped me so much. I've already got three out of fourteen grammatical cases down. I'm so proud.
(By the way, I am so very happy that Estonian doesn't have noun genders...)

Now, before I had enrolled myself in that course, I had done some internet scouring and was able to find a multitude of awesome links for language learners. Here are some of my favorites....

For Learning:
http://mylanguages.org/index.php - Great website with almost any language you could want. Pretty comprehensive.
http://www.livemocha.com - Chances are, you've heard of this. It's a good site with a bunch of languages. I haven't done much more than the first few lessons of Estonian, but it's given me a good vocabulary upon which to build later.
http://www.oneness.vu.lt/languageschool - This may be for Estonian learning only, but it's still got some good lessons and exercises. You should probably learn Estonian now. (DO IT.)
http://www.loecsen.com/travel/discover.php?lang=en - The basics for a few languages.

For Entertainment:
http://www.fluentin3months.com/ - An interesting blog with some good/funny articles for all you polyglots to read.

For Anything Else:
http://www.cultures-shocked.org - Anyone who is an exchange student, will be an exchange student, will be hosting an exchange student, or knows an exchange student should learn some things from this forum!
http://www.everyculture.com/ - Learn about the world's cultures, man.

Äitah ja head aega!


  1. I'm so happy you're learning Estonian!
    It really is very difficult, mostly because people will just see you as an American and will speak in English with you. And it may be harder for you, because you will live in a big city where most people know English. Rotary will only speak to you in English, but they probably will help you learn by buying you a workbook, if you ask. But you really have to stay strong and very persistent!
    I wish you the best of luck with conquering Eesti keel!

  2. I just wanted to say that thanks is Aitäh. ;)

  3. Marina: Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately that's the second time someone's told me about the prevalence of English over there, haha. I'll keep learning though!

    Anonymous: Whoops... Accents always mess me up, haha. Aitäh!

  4. Tere!

    Just wanted to point out that on the right where you have some Estonian sentences there's a small mistake. As "I am well" should be "Mul läheb hästi". "Mul on hästi" is rather like "I have well". :)

    But good luck with learning the language! And it's so nice to see that you did so much before you actually reached Estonia.

    Parimate soovidega, (Best wishes)