Saturday, May 26, 2012

Evening Drive

This evening I went for a drive with my host dad and host brother to see Lake Peipus, which forms most of Estonia's eastern border with Russia. The lake is large enough to not be able to see across it, and it's the fifth largest lake in Europe. We drove along the coast a bit, making some pit stops, and reaching our destination of Mustvee before heading back through Jõgeva to watch a bit of the town's laulu- ja tantsupidu (singing and dancing festival). Then we got home and watched the finale of Eurovision, a Europe-wide song competition. Sweden came in first, but Estonia came in sixth (out of 26 finalists)! Here is Estonia's song: Kuula (Listen) - Ott Lepland

And here are some pictures from today:

One week until Eurotour!

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