Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Inexplicable Love of Mountains

The first week of the Eurotour has ended and now I find myself in Grenoble, France, staring at the great French Alps.

As we drove from Paris to Grenoble today, the landscape slowly turned from flat to hilly to slightly more hilly, until finally, we were surrounded by mountains. Ever since spending a few weeks in Salzburg, Austria, two years ago, I have loved the Alps and I am so happy to have them in front of me once again.

This year, while living in Estonia, I have missed mountains. Estonia is relatively flat in the north, and more hilly in the south, near Tartu. In fact, the highest point in the Baltics is located in Estonia (known as Suur Munamägi or "The Great Egg-Mountain"). But these small, rolling hills--however nice they may be--do not compare to the Alps. Even the mountains in my home state of New Hampshire do not compete.

Later this week we will be going for a hike in the Dolomites in Italy... Admittedly it is one of the things I have most looked forward to throughout this trip!

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