Sunday, July 1, 2012

Eesti Muusika - Estonian Music

In Estonia, music is quite important.

Perhaps you've heard of the Singing Revolution of the early 1990's? Or maybe you know of the Estonian Song Festival (official website), which happens in Tallinn every five years? Or did you happen to see who came in sixth in the Eurovision Song Contest this year? (Estonia did!)
These are just a few examples of the importance of music and singing in Estonia.

Actually, before sitting down to write this post, I was at something called the Popkooripidu, a "small" song festival in Tartu.

Throughout my year here, I have been exposed to a lot of Estonian music. So, below I've made a list of just a few of my favorite, or simply the most popular, Estonian songs.

Ott Lepland - "Kuula" ("Listen")
(This song came in sixth in the Eurovision Song Contest this year...)

Lenna - "Mina jään" ("I will stay")

Getter Jaani - "Me Kõik Jääme Vanaks" ("We all grow older")

And my personal favorite Estonian band (who also happens to sing in English!):

Ewert & The Two Dragons - "(In The End) There's Only Love"

Ewert & The Two Dragons - "Good Man Down"

And the collection wouldn't be complete without...

The Estonian National Anthem

So there you go! A small sampling from the massive collection of Estonian music available.

As of writing this, I officially have two more days left in Estonia... That time will be spent roaming the streets of Tartu, buying last minute gifts, and, of course, packing!

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