Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Final Destination (Lots of Pictures)

So I reached my final destination on Saturday night after about seven hours of traveling. It was about three hours by car from Karkku to Helsinki, then 2.5 hours by ferry to Tallinn, and finally another 2 hours by car to Tartu. (Click on the photos to make them bigger, by the way)

It was a big ferry.

By the time I reached Tartu on Saturday night it was quite late so I just went to bed, but the next day....

...We went to an airshow in Tartu! My host father was scheduled to do some gliding aerobatics in the afternoon, but we arrived early to see some other things too.
Almost 3500 people attended the show... 3x more than last year!

Outdoor hangars for retired planes

A demo helicopter rescue operation....

Later that day we went drove to the Ridali Lennuklubi, which is a gliding club and airfield in Southern Estonia.
The clubhouse

After that we drove a little ways to Otepää, where I took a walk around a bit of Lake Pühajärv. There was a boardwalk that went into some scrublands and then further into the forest, so naturally I followed it...

Also: ducks.

And that was the end of day one!

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